Téa Belog

professional procrastinatior, quality questionable

22 || they/them
writer, artist. always off topic

simple commissions will be open soon!

zine and project notes

i've been a mod for various fan projects since 2016! this includes fan weeks, zines, and secret santas. i've also run social media for multiple school positions, and have experience in both the traditional and publishing industry. i've helped to moderate events with over 400 people participating, and know my way around discord, google apps, and airtable. i have been the lead or co-lead of multiple zines.

for modding, i can do anything and everything, but my strengths lie in the following areas, with the first listing being my strongest:
‣ writing/beta mod
‣ organization mod
‣ social media mod
‣ contributor communication mod
‣ production mod

i have been a graphics, layout, and art mod, however i often find that there are other, more talented mods that can fill those positions! currently, i am working as a shipping and finance mod for the first time.

zines i've modded

miraculous pride zine v1generalcomplete
meddling kids: a scooby doo zinesocial mediacomplete
a little less alone: a zolana zineco-head: contributor communication, social media, artcomplete
leap of faith: a ladrien zinemerchcomplete
dream: a barbie art bookgraphics/layoutcomplete
wayward leaves: an otgw fanzinemerchcomplete
silver lining: an adrien agreste zinehead: organization, social media, graphics, merch, production, communicationcomplete
bonnes chances: an ml fashion zinegeneral, writing, productioncomplete
fall for you: a ladynoir zinegeneral, graphics, layoutshipping
lion lilies: a dadworth zinelead mod: writing, organization, social media, shippingapplications
window to worlds volume iigeneralcreation
the great turnaboutfinances, production, shippinginterest check
omori's ovenco-lead mod: writing, organization, social mediainterest check

zines i've contributed to

in alphabetical order. zines that were cancelled before creation started/was finished are not included. zines i dropped out of are not included.

a little less alone: a zolana zinecover artistcomplete
a truth universally acknowledgedmerch artistcreation
aftermath: a bmc zineartist, graphic designcomplete
aspec journalartistcomplete
aspec journal v2artistcreation
behind the mask: an into the spiderverse zineartistcancelled
bonnes chances: an ml fashion zinewritercomplete
everything is fine: a good place zineartist, merch artistcancelled
fall for you: a ladynoir zinewritershipping
kitty love v2writercomplete
laws of attraction: a wrightworth zinewritercreation
leap of faith: a ladrien zinewritercomplete
let's pounce: an alya zineartist, cover artistcomplete
love squaredartist, merch artist, writershipping
new beginningswriterproduction
meowraculous chat noirwritercomplete
once upon a season: an ml writer zinewritercomplete
shadows of the moon: a rayla zineartistcancelled
silver lining: an adrien agreste zineartistcomplete
traces of beauty: a dahlia zinewriterpreorders
turnabout prosecutionwritercreation
under the same sun: an ml pandemic relief zineartist, writercomplete
window to worldsartistcomplete
window to worlds iiartistcreation

other projects

mlsecretsanta (mod all years)
think outside the love square month
mlfluffiction (unofficial hashtag!)
klapollo minibang: artist

téa (tay-uh) belog
‣ 22
‣ they/them; star/stars
‣ nonbinary
‣ aspec
‣ half filipino
‣ eastern timezone
‣ indie author, currently querying
‣ freelance artist
‣ zine enthusiast
‣ i have a podcast!

"murphy's law in a person" - krissey
"zines. clay terran truther. always going 'oh fuck i gotta go do duolingo' during vc" - luka
"has quite possibly the least efficient way to have a hyperfixation" - miryam

"what does the 🔇 emoji in your status/display name mean?"
‣ if i put the mute emoji in my name or status, it means that i am alright, but offline for personal or mental health reasons. i'm ok, but i won't be responding to messages, asks, or posts.

current major interests
ace attorney
revue starlight
‣ various podcasts
‣ mythology
‣ anything shakespeare
‣ zines
‣ original works? i'm actually not super super into any other fandoms right now but i'm so in love with my friends' writing right now

things i like but am not like currently breathing for
‣ les misérables (all versions)
‣ anastasia (movie and musical)
‣ like a million other musicals
‣ bbc merlin
‣ percy jackson (always there)
‣ miraculous ladybug (season one)
‣ whatever i'm reading on my goodreads probably!

i'm starting to do more book reviews! here's a list of places where you can find me — i try to post pretty much everywhere, so feel free to choose your favorite book sharing site and ignore the other ones!

disclaimer: all opinions are my own and are not meant to be reflective of an entire group. my reviews are never meant to target any readers or authors. if it's not my jam, it might be yours! and that's super cool because we're here cause we love books!

my reviews are also posted on the websites's blog!
you can also find me at
netgalley: bloomingtea
booksloth: bloomingtea

additionally, i also sometimes talk about books on my twitch! please note that these are unfiltered conversations about books, usually contain spoilers, and i usually didn't like the book very much.

i've been writing for as long as i can remember, and have recently been pursuing it as a career! thank you to all my friends and family for the support they've given me because it's been a ride ♡

i'm always writing and working on different things, so definitely check out my social media for more information on what's happening. overviews linked below for my major wips!

current projects:

less than three

available now!

Ren has been in love with his best friend for the past three years. He has no intention of confessing, but he can't seem to move on.
Calliope has spent most of her life dancing. She's decided to put other interests before it now, but it's hard to let go of something she fought so hard for.
Ingrid plans to start over in college, to go beyond what held her back in high school. It's much easier in theory than in practice.

Less Than Three is a collection of three short stories about a group of friends. Together, they shoulder their way through romance, all-nighters, and the occasional dragon.

note: print versions are currently only available to buy through amazon. sorry for the inconvenience!

pirates and politics

book one: being edited

Rade is second in line for the throne. They pretend to follow the rules and sneak out of sword fighting lessons to read in the library. They make their sister smile as she stresses over her upcoming engagement. Their parents are almost unbearable, but they're making do.

Then they get kidnapped.

A trilogy about royalty, pirates, politics, and learning how to create a better world.

status details:
‣ book one: draft 5, incomplete
‣ book two: rough outline
‣ book three: rough ideas
‣ zine: possibly still coming

information on pirates can be found across my social media with the hashtag #piratesandpolitics

the poptart theory

revising and querying

“I have this theory,” Zane says, “that all poptarts taste better when they’ve been toasted. Aside from strawberry, that is. Can’t improve on good original perfection.”

Jere was already depressed before the world ended.
Now he and his friends have to travel cross-country with only a map and a demon cat before the unleashed magic poisons the people they love.

status details:
‣ compete
‣ editing (we're always editing)
‣ querying

if you are interested in being a beta reader* or a critique partner**, dm me on any of my social media for details!

* you read through the story and give me your thoughts! i may ask some questions, but beta readers are used to get a feel for what readers will think about the story! NOT the same as an editor and NOT paid

** we exchange manuscripts and offer each other advice and edits! each partnership is different, so we can definitely discuss if you're interested!

x the apocalypse

first draft

One thousand three hundred eighty-three days ago, Liam asked Jaz out between the cafeteria vending machine and a trash can. One hundred fifteen days ago, they blocked each other’s numbers. The apocalypse starts in three, two, one—

status details:
‣ first draft
‣ august camp nano 2020 project